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What is the Citizen Patrol and Why do we Support it?

Did you know that Mill Creek has a Citizen Patrol?  We do!

Most towns and cities have a volunteer arm of their Police Department that serves in a wide variety of capacities depending on the needs of the community.  In some rural communities Citizen Patrols are trained in Search & Rescue and water safety.  In those areas their patrols may even take them out through the countryside on tornado watch or in boats patrolling lakes and rivers.  In larger metropolitan communities they may teach neighborhood watch groups or assist police in surveillance of high crime areas.  The needs and training are varied according to the needs of their particular communities.

Here in Mill Creek our Citizen Patrol is trained in several areas such as flagging and directing traffic around road closures or vehicle accidents.  They can do vacation house checks, transport assists, after hours park checks, foot patrols in Town Center where they can assist visitors as well as residents and business owners.  There is a lot more to our Citizen Patrol, and if you would like more information, please check the City’s website at www.cityofmillcreek.com.

The first step toward joining our Citizen Patrol is to attend and graduate from our annual Citizens Academy held in the Spring.  If you would like information about the Citizens Academy, check out the City’s website at www.cityofmillcreek.com.

The Citizen Patrol is just one of many areas the Mill Creek Police Foundation can raise funds to help support.  As an independent non-profit charitable entity the Mill Creek Foundation has a set of bylaws defining the scope of our mission.  As we are dedicated to supporting the health and safety of the Mill Creek community, and we are happy to lend our efforts to raising funds for groups such as the Citizen Patrol.

K-9 Bagura

Police K-9 Program

Find out how to support our Police K9 Program.

Our K9 teams are not just a huge benefit to our own city, but they also are called upon to assist our neighboring communities when the need arises. After years of receiving help from our neighbors before we could have a K9 program of our own, it is a joy to now be able to return the favor and be part of a larger teamwork to the benefit of us all.

What do you know about K9’s?  Here is a bit of information:

All K9’s are specially trained for very specific job descriptions.  Some are trained to search out drugs, others can follow a trail left by criminals fleeing the scene.  Still others are trained to detect bombs or find people trapped under fallen debris.  The specialties are very specific and each officer & K9 team undergoes long weeks of training followed by regular continued education.

They are an invaluable part of any police department, but of course there is a cost involved and we at the Mill Creek Police Foundation are able to maintain a fund through the donations received at our fundraisers to assist in meeting the needs.

If you would like to be part of that effort, or if you have any questions or concerns, or just want to share your thoughts, please go to our Contact Us page.  We would like to hear from you!

Bridging the Gap Together

This event is being rescheduled for Spring.   Stay tuned here for future information, dates and times.  Thank you for your interest and your support.


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