We proudly support the Mill Creek Police Foundation

Our Core Values:

Empathy:  We recognize the needs of the community are varied and not always easily met through City and County agency budgets. By working within the community to lend support through specific fundraising efforts we can provide a transparent and meaningful community service.

Dedication: We are dedicated to supporting the Mill Creek Police Department’s efforts to ensure the community is safe and healthy for all who live, work and visit here.

Resourcefulness: We are committed to finding creative and effective ways to meet the challenge to raise support needed for all approved projects.

Our Story

As with many police foundations, ours began with the purchase of a new K9.

In 2012 Mill Creek resident Roy Cats made it possible for us to purchase our first K9, Rasco through his very generous donation of $10,000, and our K9 program became a reality.  Rasco and his handler Officer Ian Durkee made significant contributions to Mill Creek and neighboring community agencies until early 2018 when Rasco was retired early for medical reasons.

In 2017 it was time to add a second K9 and that inspired another Mill Creek resident Barbara Heidel to offer help. It became clear people in the community have big hearts and would love to help if there was a means to participate. Thus the MCPF was created.

Our second K9, Bagira was purchased and trained with his handler, Officer Nathan Lerma in the fall 2017. The City’s K9 budget dedicated thousands of dollars to cover the specialized vehicle, safety equipment and training, vet bills and food, insurance and so much more. The MCPF joined in the effort to provide a home for Bagira when his training was completed. As the City of Mill Creek poured the concrete slab, the Foundation offered to assist with the rest of the kennel costs.

Substantial donations again from our two very dedicated MCPF board members, along with materials and services provided by several area business owners, combined to build a safe and healthy state-of-the-art kennel just in time for Bagira’s homecoming.

We are fortunate to have such a thriving caring community and are honored to be able to provide a means whereby we can come together and do something great for the common good.