How can I support the MCPF? 

We'd love to have your support, and offer a number of different ways.

First -- You can contribute to our cause.  We will soon be able to take contributions right here on this website, but until then, your checks can be mailed to   MCPF, PO Box 12006, Mill Creek WA 98082.

Second -- you can join us on Nov 15, 2018 for our Bridging the Gap Fundraiser and get acquainted.  Tickets can be purchased by returning to the home page and scroll down to the button right there.

Third -- you can volunteer to help us at our events, whether the function in November, or at our booth at the MC Festival in July, or the Golf Tournament.

Fourth -- we are always looking for new members to serve on the board, either for special needs, or officers.  IF you are interested in a committed involvement, please to to  Contact Us page, and send us an email.  One of us will get back to you as quickly as possible.



Since you came to the FAQ page perhaps you have a question!?  If so, please ask it.  To do that you can click on the Contact Us page and ask away.  Not only will we reply ASAP, but we will be very happy to have your questions to include in our FAQ.